​​​"​Wear Your Wood Art, From Your Mind To Your Design"-Designs Carved By OneAbove All 

Custom Bead Designs Unlimited

About Us

     Started in 1998 carving and designing wood jewelry.  Commissioned many pieces to individuals as well as customizing each hand carved piece of jewelry to all of our customers.  All products created is a representation of CbdUnlimited and its creators.  Our products speak for themselves and cannot be found anywhere in the world because each carved stroke is never the same.
     Anyone can send in a request for their design to be carved.  You design it, we carve or we design it and carve it. Which ever you choose will be a great decision to be remembered.  Although carving for our customers is our passion, we reserve the right to not carve anything we deem as obscene or vulgar.  As stated before all products carved by CbdUnlimited is a representation of its creators, and will not be represented by allowing obscene and vulgar designs.  All designs are original,
     A lot of our carvings have Chinese or Japanese characters, the word "Kanji" is a system of Japanese using Chinese derived characters.  The ten "Kanjii symbol represents heaven or sky, and is a shared writing system between Chinese and Japanese.  "Kanjii" is one of the three main writing systems, it is an ideographic symbol (represents ideas) that is exciting to learn about.  There are well over a thousand "kanji" symbols in everyday use, and they are called "joyo kanji".      
"Striving to please our customer is important to us, we know that they will love and enjoy the finish product" 
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  1.             Bead Sizes
    Bead Sizes
    +1 1/2-inch +1-inch +3/4-inch +1/2-inch
  2.        Bead Diameters
    Bead Diameters
    +4-inch +3-inch +2-inch +2 1/2-inch +1 3/4-inch +1 1/4 +1 1/2-inch +3/4-inch +1/2-inch